Breast Reduction

The female breast consists of skin, fat and glandular (breast) tissue in varying amounts. The fat or breast tissue may enlarge during puberty, pregnancy or with aging. If the breasts become significantly large, the patient may experience one of many symptoms, including back pain, painful grooving of the shoulders due to bra straps, and debilitating and uncomfortable rashes. Her life may be impacted to the point where normal activities, such as jogging, aerobics and sports, to name a few, are painful and avoided. Many of these women elect to undergo breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty). These are some of my most grateful and thankful patients.

Pertinent Information

  • Anesthesia - general
  • Setting - outpatient or overnight
  • Recovery - return to normal activities in 2 to 3 weeks
  • Scars - usually heal very well with time
Before and After photos :