Eye Lift

An eyelift (blepharoplasty) is designed to remove or reposition skin, muscle, fat, or a combination of these tissues in order to improve the upper or lower eyelids. The goal is a more youthful, open eyed appearance. If a significant amount of excess skin is to be removed from the lower eyelid or the lower eyelid has poor muscle tone, the surgeon may elect to perform a tightening procedure during the blepharoplasty. Since the eyelid tissue is very forgiving, the scars usually become almost imperceptible.

It is common to discuss browlift with blepharoplasty because the eyes and brows are in such close proximity to each other. Often, a browlift will significantly enhance the postoperative result when combined with blepharoplasty. This is especially effective for the "lateral hooding" in the upper eyelids that can not be completely removed with blepharoplasty alone.

Before and After photos :